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7th February 2005


Working Graveyard
6am now... going home
Haven't taken a phone call since 1.30am
Been doing uni work all morning
Jerome left a packet of tim tams sitting next to me whilst he fell asleep on the floor
And I only ate one tim tam!
Restraint = good.
Thinking I might hold on to this cushie job for a bit longer.
Hate the management but they're not here between 12 - 6am.
Money = goooooooooooooooooooooood

England here I come!!

Now to wake up Jerome so I can get out of here.... *pokes*

28th September 2004

5:02pm: What a spin out... Simon is doing work experience at a PR firm two days a week. The IT guy visited today and who should it be but EDEN!! In a tie... awww. How cute...

I've been sewing like there's no tomorrow! Its great! Today I made a little singlet that's black with rainbow stripes! YEY! Its so cute I don't want to sell it... Might have to make another one. Hehehehe... mmmm.

Yesterday I made a little pink PVC nurse skirt with mock apron and all lace and stuff - so cute but too small for me thanks to a slight miscalculation in my pattern... stupid zip... pooh.

And I made a little black skirt with pink camo around the waitband and a little skull'n'cross bones on the bottom left. YEY! Stuff.

Going to start selling them on Ebay at the end of the week.

Holidays this week and research week next week.. basically two weeks holidays. My plan - spend this week sewing and doing my thang. Next working HARDCORE on uni stuff.

Went swimming yesterday!!! Since the accident last week I've been afraid of going to the gym because my neck and back are so sensitive... stupid. Making me angsty. Tried to sit ups today and my back got REALLY sore so I lay down for a bit.

But swimming was great! Can't wait for summer...any way. Enough of my ramblings.

Current Mood: artistic

24th August 2004

8:20pm: Coles sells packet 2 minute noodles that are Brown Rice or Ramen noodles in miso soup in the health food aisle for like... $2!! *scoffs*

18th May 2004

10:18am: WOOHOO!!
I've been asked to do more costume work for a different director within the University Theatre Group. We're doing Venetian Twins - Commedia dell'Arte style - it is a musical and requires big lavish costuming etc.

We've been waiting to see if the play has been approved and today... BEHOLD it is approved and away we go!! We've got about.... hmmm 10 weeks to get it ready. I'm so eager to get going!!

That is all.

Current Mood: creative

15th January 2004

5:07pm: This customer has just spent 20 minutes telling me about TVSN... and how she goes over seas to collect jewellery... blah blah blah...

8th December 2003

6:48pm: In other news...
The play I have been helping do the costumes for, Crime Site, finishes this Sunday.
Would anyone be interested in coming to have a look on Friday night? I need to book tickets on Thursday. The tickets are around $5-10.
Its a fantastic script performed by really talented young actors. And the costumes are fantastic, if I do say so my self... *plug plug*

20th November 2003

8:15pm: What's a really good astrology website?

16th October 2003

10:06pm: So here's the plan for the next 24 hours...

Wake up at a resonable hour.. let's say... 8.30am.
Go for walk/jog... enjoying this whole fit and sweaty feeling ;P
Go to uni, 10.30am.
Throw some "vessels" (I'm not limiting myself in that department, I'm not that good.)
Go to ceramics class.
Go home *insert shower*
Go to NeoTokyo - boogey till I cannae booge na mah!

P.S. What's going on on Saturday night. I'm in need of eeeenteeertaaaaainment!
Current Mood: anxious

7th October 2003


Should all should come.
I'm making cookies!
(Amoungst other things ^_^)

30th September 2003

10:16pm: Free Out Door Party! ELIXIR!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!

Everyone keep free Saturday the 11th of October! (Night after Debbies housewarming ^_^!!) The party continues!

Once again we're putting on a trance/electro/progressive/mishmash/collision of noise one hour north of Sydney in the lovely Australian bush.

Lachlan (aka Uncle Fester) is running the Main Stage, Shannon is running the chill area and Tanya and I are taking care of the Cafe with lots of yummy treats!!

It's going to be a great night! I hope at least some of you can make it.
Current Mood: excited

30th December 2002

Which David Lynch movie are you?

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25th December 2002

1:33pm: Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Hope everyone is having a good day. :)

Quick survey, who is definitely going to Big Day Out? I am going to book tickets for me and Fabian this afternoon if there is anyone else who'd like me to book theirs as well I will and you can pay me back?

Let me know!

24th December 2002

5:03am: Quizzy Quizzy Quizzy.... hour and half until I finish work...

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Which Endless are you?

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What's YOUR sexual fetish?

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Yes... We'll just keep thinking that shall we....
Current Mood: sleepy

23rd December 2002

2:23am: Bah What the hell. :)
[ x ] Spell your first name backwards - Yelrebmik
[ x ] The story behind your lj user name - I didn't know what else to put... ?
[ x ] Are you a lesbian - Nope. Unless Fabian's not telling me something.
[ x ] Where do you live - K-Pax :P
[ x ] 4 words that sum you up - Optimistic, young, naive and ... lush, says Fab :)
[ x ] Wallet - Yum Pop "I Want Candy" white with blue trim and a bunny with a pull cart full of gum balls. :)
[ x ] Hairbrush - Black and Red and Old.
[ x ] Toothbrush - Pink and Clear at home, Purple and Clear at Fabians.
[ x ] Jewelry worn daily - Green ring on left hand russian ring on right Blue furry leopard print wrist band on left and 4 pink bangles on my right. Earrings. And a necklace of somekind.
[ x ] Pillow cover - Two black satin with stars, Two purple, Two blue satin, Two cow print furry pillows an one zebra print and purple fur HUUUUUGE cushion.
[ x ] Blanket - Purple Doona and Black Sheets or my Lilac faux-mink blanket.
[ x ] Coffee cup - Blue and white.
[ x ] Sunglasses - black 50's faux-Gucci held together with bits of copper wire.
[ x ] Underwear - Black bra and blue, red and green Japanese cartoony undies!
[ x ] CD in stereo right now: Listening to Beefcake MP3s
[ x ] Tattoos - Not yet!!
[ x ] Piercings - Two in each ear.
[ x ] What you are wearing now - black pants, purple tartan mini skirt, bonds singlet and bonds 3/4 length sleeve top.
[ x ] Hair - Black (actually its kind of browny at the moment) and blue layered hair with assymetrial aka slanty fringe
[ x ] Makeup - mascara, if it hasn't been rubbed off by now.

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)
[ x ] In my mouth - Nothing at the moment. But just had a Butter Menthol.
[ x ] In my head - Why am I up at 2.30am on Monday morning doing this quiz.
[ x ] Wishing - Nothing at the moment, I am content. Maybe that I was better at remaining in contact with people.
[ x ] After this - Going to pounce on Fabian, make him loose his spot in the book he's reading and drag him off to bed.
[ x ] Talking to - The projection of Live Journal on the wall.
[ x ] Eating - Just finished afor mentioned Butter Menthol.
[ x ] Fetishes - I don't know.... do I have a fetish? Probably buyin spunky clothes off Ebay...
[ x ] If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who would it be and for what reason - Wouldn't be able to murder someone for any reason, I don't believe its up to me to decide.
[ x ] Person you wish you could see right now - Sevare and Lucas.
[ x ] Is next to you - Fabian on the couch on the other side of the room. Nick at his computer on the other, other side of the room.... and Frank.... *creepy look*
[ x ] Some of your favourite movies - All time favourite, Pillow Book (Hmmmm naked Ewan) but recently I would have to say K-Pax and Donny Darko.
[ x ] Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - NYE! Sleep. Seeing my cousins from Brisvegas.
[ x ] The last thing you ate - Uhm...Ice cream
[ x ] Something that you are deathly afraid of - Clown dolls and having darkness behing me... *shudders* Gives me the creeps.
[ x ] Do you like candles - Hell yeah... so romantic.
[ x ] Do you like hot wax - I... haven't really considered hot wax in that sense...
[ x ] Do you like incense - Yeah, disguises all sorts of nasty smells.
[ x ] Do you like the taste of blood - No, yuck. Metallic.
[ x ] Do you believe in love - He's sitting next to me, so yes. *watches everyone puke* *evil grin*
[ x ] Do you believe in soul mates - Yes.
[ x ] Do you believe in love at first sight - No, love is getting to know someone in depth and appreciating them for who they are.
[ x ] Do you believe in Heaven - Yup, everytime I sleep I'm there. :)
[ x ] Do you believe in forgiveness - Definitely, always. There is nothing better.
[ x ] Do you believe in God - I believe that there is something like it in a metaphysical sense.
[ x ] What do you want done with your body when you die - One of my Chinese friends told me that its part of her beliefs that what you are buried with is what you come back with in a past life... but I also like to help... so I'm torn. All I know is I want to keep my eyes. There'd be nothing worse than being blind.
[ x ] Who is your worst enemy - I don't have one.
[ x ] If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be - Apart from my Dusty and Milo, it'd be a Malamut or a Boxer or some other BIG dog...
[ x ] What is the latest you've ever stayed up - Latest or the longest... the latest I've stayed up is probably 3-4days. I like sleep, I generally get melancholy or paranoid without it.
[ x ] Ever been to Belgium - Not yet.
[ x ] Can you eat with chopsticks - Ofcourse.
[ x ] What's your favorite coin - The coin you find in the car door when you're short for toll on the bridge. I love you coin!!!
[ x ] What are some of your favorite lollies - Anything jelly!! And red... or pink!!
[ x ] What's something that you wish people would understand - That dumb is not cool. That pessimisim and negativity are part of life but is is important and possible to get over it. And that not exploring every option is a waste of a lifetime.
[ x ] What's something you wish you could understand better - Fabian.
[ x ] What's one thing you want to make happen for tomorrow - Survive through the family christmas lunch tomorrow without feeling shitty or paranoid and not to fall asleep in my turkey.... *nods*
Current Mood: apathetic
2:07am: And Fabian is...

What kind of goth are you? Take it here!

What kind of goth are you? Take it here!

4th December 2002

6:55pm: I'm on Holi-ma-days!!
Hooray! I'm making again!! I'm sitting here doing drawings for these beading designs for T-shirts *excitment* They're going to be so pretty!

And I'm in the process of doing a major clean out of my room so I can *dramatic reverb* paint over my mural with *drools* suede paint :D~

Oh so much stuff to do! And Kat... I have a surprise for you... *smirks*
Current Mood: bouncy

15th November 2002

9:55pm: Gah... so tired... coffee...not working!! Note to self 9.5hour shift is a BAD idea... repead BAD idea.... *meep* Need more sugar.. Reaches for the strawberry and cream lifesavers...
Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?

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6:46pm: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooo

What's Your Personality Type?

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14th November 2002

8:33pm: Early mark, early mark, early mark, YEY!!!
8:13pm: I feel like I'm in need of a complete overhaul. New hair, (no more new clothes or make up) newly waxed eyebrows, etc, new stomach, new legs, new arms, new boobs... Meh. feel slugish and highly uninteresting to look at..
Current Mood: artistic
5:13pm: I HATE JALAPENOS!!!!
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13th November 2002

8:41pm: Kimberley, your unconscious mind is driven most by Kindness

This means you have a deep desire to be kind and fair to others. You may even be preoccupied with finding kindness in the world around you, far more than you realize on a conscious level.

It is possible that the underlying reason you seek kindness in the world around you, is that you fear cruelty, the opposite of kindness. That could drive you to unconsciously project kindness wherever possible into your world. Regardless of its origin, your steadfast adherence to being kind to others is felt by people you are close to.

You are probably more susceptible than others to being overwhelmed by emotions — both yours and others'. It is possible that your unusually empathic nature is a result of wanting to avoid pain and discomfort, and your desire to help others avoid it as well. For this reason, things might affect you more than they affect your friends and family. To keep your emotions in check, you might want to recognize this in yourself so you can pull back during those times when you start to feel overwhelmed.

But overall, your strong orientation towards kindness gives you an optimistic nature, which translates into you seeing the best in the people around you. Because you're not one to be overly judgmental, others may seek out your company when they need a friend to talk to. People close to you likely know that you care deeply about the inner lives of others and can listen to what they have to say without imposing your views on them.

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Kindness, there is much more to who you are at your core.
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